Welcome to SCARY MAZE game!

Concentrate and try to reach the goal without touching the walls.

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The scary maze The game for people who love the thrill or… for peple who want some impressions for their friends. What are the rules? You need to move the cursor by the strictly in the designated maze.

You need to show cunning and precision, otherwise you will quickly go beyond the boundaries and you will lose the round and you will have to start all over again to be a winner. I assure you that it is worth being patient and the ending will surely surprise you. Especially on the 3rd level. The most surprise is when the terrifying monster suddenly appears along with a very loud scream. Scary maze is very popular all over the world so you must try too.

Game Controls:

• LEFT CLICK to begin the game.

• USE THE MOUSE to guide the dot through the mazes.

The Age:

• It’s the only for poople after 16 years old

The source of scary maze is ,,screamer”and it’s a type of animation, movie or application specifically designed to scare the viewer. The first screamers appeared around 2002. The first screamers appeared in horror movies that were designed to scare a focused viewer. The Scary Maze Game is created by Jerremy Winterrowd and it’s one of the most popular screamer.